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About the CBH

CBHUK – The Council of British Hajjis (Pilgrims)

CBHUK is a not-for-profit charity whose aims are to work for the welfare of British Hajjis and to ensure that they are relieved of any distress and to ensure that Hajj service providers perform their obligations towards the pilgrims making the experience of Hajj & Umrah an enjoyable and positive one.

Hajj and Umrah Roadshow 2007 - Click Here for more details.

Each year over 25,000 British pilgrims make the journey of a lifetime for the Hajj and approx 66,000 for the lesser pilgrimage of Umrah to the holy cities of Makkah & Medinah in Saudi Arabia so that they may seek
the pleasures of the Almighty Allah (God).

They return spiritually rejuvenated and with a more informed and conscious understanding of their faith. Their experiences on the hajj foster an enhanced critical awareness of the diversity of humanity and further prepare them to serve humanity as model citizens standing by to contribute to the societies and communities they live in by responsibly shouldering civic participation.

However, each year we hear of issues faced by pilgrims from mis-sold Hajj & Umrah tour packages to Hajj fraud. Lack of Visa allocations, bad experiences with some rogue and unscrupulous Tour operators exploiting travellers and deliberately targeting the Muslim community by claiming they specialise in Hajj travel. They often do not have an Air Tours Operators License and are therefore breaking UK law and not providing legal protection for travellers

In many cases, these are isolated incidents not making the radar, but as more and more people have started reporting such incidents, it was time to unite and take action. With One Voice, we can make the difference for the benefit of the Guests of the Almighty.

Case Work

We have helped tour operators and group leaders with issues on visa and registrations, and pilgrims who have sought compensation and advice from neglect from agents and tour operators and assisting British citizens in times of need to arrange for consular support and visa issues.

Brief History
Founded by Rashid Mogradia in 2006 after an outcry by British prilgrims at Hajj 2005 who felt let down by their tour operators and that there was no one to represent them, CBHUK was born.  The charity continues to work at grass roots to raise Health and Safety awareness and provide overseas travellers essential and practical advice. We have worked and partnered with many local organisations such as IMWS in Batley, Lancashire Council of Mosques(LCoM) and Bolton Council of Mosques (BCoM) and Statutory bodies such as the NHS, Dept of Business, the CAA (ATOL) to name a few. This has bought about positive changes into the Hajj and Umrah travel industry and we continue to work on the behalf of British pilgrims and overseas travellers to address their issues.

Since 2008 we have ran Hajj & Umrah vaccination clinics, ensuring pilgrims comply with the requirements of the Saudi Ministry of Health to be vaccinated against the ACWY strain of Meningitis. This is now an
established service delivered throughout the year in towns and cities across the UK, ensuring that the vaccine is both affordable and accessible.

In 2010 we became the first UK Hajj & Umrah charity to partner with the Foreign & Commonwealth Offices’ Know Before You Go Campaign and in 2011 the CBH sent donations and medicinal supplies to Hajj with the British Hajj Deelgation led by Lord Adam Patel and 4 volunteer doctors.  In 2012, we played a part in working with the hosts of the World Hajj & Umrah Convention 2012 (Hajj People Ltd)  to bring delegates, ministers and distinguisehd guests to the British Museum for a 2 day convention of Hajj & Umrah.

In 2012, CBHUK was granted charity status by the Charity Commission for England & Wales (Registration no: 1146323).

“Take necessary provisions with you for the Hajj journey, but the best provision is right conduct”. The Holy Qur’an – [Al-Baqarah:197]

Unite with us – Join the CBH and together we can make a difference to the Future of Hajj & Umrah Travel by supporting our Cause.
To become involved and volunteer please contact us.

CBHUK is a Charitable company limited by guarantee. Registered in England & Wales No.7970717.

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Achievements Timeline

2006 The CBH is born out of concern that not enough is being done to represent British pilgrims facing issues at the hands of unscrupulous tour operators  and lack of education on Health & Safety at Hajj Attended the ‘Health at Hajj & Umra’ conference organised by the MCB, the Health Protection Agency and Queen …

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Lord Adam Patel

Parliament & Hajj

  Diplomacy Debate House of Lords Debate – 11th November, 2010 Speech by: Lord Patel of Blackburn (Labour) Thank the noble Lord, Lord Hannay, for introducing and securing this debate. I, too, congratulate the noble Lord, Lord Monks, on his excellent speech. The work of the FCO is fundamental to the work of this Government. …

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CBH in the News

21/9/14 – Saudi Arabia tightens security to keep Haj pilgrims safe  – The National UAE 30/9/13 – UK Muslims fall victim to Hajj fraud Al Arabiya 24/10/12 Young at Hajj – BBC Religion & Ethics 5/10/12 Trading standards give Hajj fraud warning – Coventry City Council 16/8/12 Met tragets Hajj fraud – Metropolitan Police 20/3/12 e-Petition …

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Hajj Vaccination Book Now

Wessam Hassanin (Makkah) “The Hajj” Photo Posters for Sale

We have 3 exclusive pictures from the Official Photographer for Hajj Mr Wessam Hassanin from Makkah available to purchase and help support the charity CBHUK. To order call 0845 833 4145 or send a cheque made payable to “The Council of British Hajjis”, Commerce House, 346B St Helens Road, Bolton, BL33RR.

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