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Health at Hajj & Umrah

DownloadCBH Health at Hajj & Umrah leaflet the Health at Hajj & Umrah Guide.

Written by Dr Mohammed Jiva, this guide has essential tips in minimising health risks  for a hassle free Hajj.  Dr Jiva has been on the British Hajj Delegation for over 7 years and has supported the Council of British Hajjis since its’ inception back in 2006, and is now our Chief Medical Officer.

Date of first publication: November 2010
Printed: 10,000 copies for distribution

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Before Hajj

Pre-Hajj Health Tips:     Taking the necessary vaccinations, especially the elderly and those suffering from chronic diseases. Herein is an elaborate account of the required vaccinations, to be enumerated later on, as well as the timing of taking such vaccinations prior to setting out for the Hajj Holy Sites. Seeing a doctor before travelling to verify …

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During Hajj

Health Tips to Be Followed During Hajj:  First: Health Tips for Hajj and Umrah Pilgrims: Pilgrims, when coming for Hajj or Umrah, are supposed to abide by a variety of health tips and guidelines, by following which they will be against infectious and communicable diseases, Allah willing. Following are some of such tips: 1. Hygiene and …

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After Hajj

Post-Hajj Health Tips: A considerable number of pilgrims undergo some of the common symptoms after the Hajj such as: strain, muscle pains and aches, headache, cold, laziness, irregular sleep, and complexion-darkening. And such symptoms result from exposure to sunlight beams, excessive movement without adequate fitness, and getting infected with cold and influenza. Here are some …

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Women & Child

Women and Children during Hajj: The Hajj is a hard journey and requires great effort. And woman has their own status during the hajj; they could be pregnant, experience the menstrual period, or suffer because of their physical configuration from excessive hardship.Menstrual Period: If the woman to go on the hajj would like to use …

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Chronic Diseases

Chronic Diseases and Hajj: 1. Health tips for  heart and hypertension patients: To see the doctor to make sure of the ability of performing the hajj and to give you the proper health tips. To make a point of always holding your medicines, storing them in a proper way and in a proper, easily reachable place. …

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Corona Virus (MERS-CoV)

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